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Dear Parents,
As most of you are probably already aware, our school has been embarking on a “One Child One Laptop” computing model since 2012. By next year, all P3 to P6 boys would be included in this program.

In order to be a Home of Servant Leaders who bring Life to the nations, we believe that we need to harness the potential of Information Communications Technology (ICT). It can serve as a platform to better engage boys in communicating their thoughts as holistic thinkers and skilled communicators. In addition, they will also be taught how to display exemplary characters even in their online behavior. ICT can also facilitate acquisition of community building skills as they can work collaboratively online even when they are physically apart.

We believe that introducing computers into the classroom will show a significant impact on student performance and classroom study habits, enhancing their engagement not only their daily schoolwork, but also expanding their interaction with their teachers and one another.