Weidong Wu
    Assistant Professor
    Civil & Chemical Engineering

    University of Tennessee Chattanooga
    615 McCallie Avenue
    Chattanooga, TN 37403
    Tel: (423)425-5822
    Fax: (423)425-5229


    Research Interests

    • Computational mechanics
    • Computational modeling of materials 
    • Nanomechanics of cementitious based composites
    • Finite Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Emerging Materials for Civil Structure and Infrastructure
    • Building and important infrastructure hazard evaluation and protection
    • Structural health monitoring (SHM) for civil infrastructure
    • Nondestructive evaluation of materials


         Fall 2014
    • ENGR 5420  Finite Element Analysis     
    • ENGR 5660  Advanced CE Engineering Materials  

         Spring 2014

         Fall 2013


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    1. Wu,W., Owino, J., Al-Ostaz, A. and Cai, L. " Applying periodic boundary conditions in Finite Element Analysis ", Simulia (Abaqus) Community Conference 2014, Providence, RI

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       17-20, 2008.                                          

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