Reading Class

This class is designed to provide students with the opportunity to improve their reading as well as to support students who are in the co-taught Communication Arts classroom.

In our class, each day we complete a "mini" grammar lesson through our Bell Work. Students are provided the opportunity to earn a bonus point by bringing in examples of grammatical errors that they recognize outside of school. 

We will go through several lessons that support reading skills such as learning prefixes, suffixes, root words, and base words, developing theme, using context clues, characterization, literary elements,  and close reading strategies. These are skills that students need to use in the co-taught Communication Arts classroom. 

Finally, we are working to become independent readers. During first semester, every two weeks we learn a new reading comprehension strategy which we practice daily. During class, each student reads the same novel at the same pace. At the end of every chapter, we complete a Chapter Summary page.  We talk - a TON - about what we are reading, both during and after our reading. During second semester, students select which reading comprehension strategy worked the best for them. They will be expected to use a strategy during class reading time. 

Each of these class components has a section in our reading binder which corresponds to the order in which it is addressed in class. Keeping everything in its proper place helps us develop and strengthen organizational skills. 

We are currently reading Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. 

Current Reading Comprehension strategy : Metacognition Think Sheet