¡Bienvenido! Welcome to Señor Barker's webpage. Here you will be able to find almost everything you need to know about Sr. Barker's class. I look forward to working with you or your student in my class this year. 

    ¡Hola! I have a great passion for the Spanish language and the cultures that it represents. I took an alternate route to falling in love with Spanish. I am from Canada, I was born in Lethbridge, Alberta while my dad (an American) was attending junior college. Until I was 13 we lived in Calgary, Alberta. During this time I was forced to learn French. I did not care for French. I still understand a little but do not speak it well.

    The summer between my 7th and 8th grade years, the company my dad was working for closed its doors. He then took a job in Utah and moved us to the USA. Due to my family's heritage, I decided to take German when I arrived at Provo High School. I took a year and a half of German, I enjoyed the first year, but when a student teacher, Mr. Fitzgerald, came for the first semester of my second year, I realized that our teacher really wasn't teaching us. At the end of the semester when the student teacher left, I couldn't bring myself to go back into a class where we weren't learning. I left the German program. I have not forgotten my German teacher as he is a constant reminder of what kind of teacher I do not want to be, but I would like to be more like Mr. Fitzgerald who took our learning seriously.

    After high school I went into the work force. I worked in construction. Many of my co-workers spoke Spanish. After a couple of years of working I decided to go on a mission for my church. I was assigned to be in the northern regions of Chile. This is where I learned Spanish. It was a lot of fun living and breathing the culture and language every day for two years. I lived in the cities of Copiapó, Antofagasta, Iquique and Arica.

    When I came home and prepared to go to school I met a young lady from Joplin, Missouri who later became my wife. As we went through school we had 3 daughters. I attended Utah Valley University as a business student. When I realized business is something I did not enjoy, I declared a Spanish major and prayed I would figure out what to do with the degree. During my education I attended two semesters at BYU in Provo, Utah (which is regarded as one of the top foreign language programs in the nation). I graduated from UVU in April of 2009 with a BA in Spanish.

    I then moved my family back to my wife's hometown of Joplin, MO as I attended Missouri State University in Springfield. I student taught at Carl Junction High School, I learned a lot from my cooperating teacher. I truly gained a greater appreciation for teaching and the learning process. After my student teaching I still had one more year of my program to complete, so I substitute taught in the Joplin School District. In May of 2011, I graduated from Missouri State University with a MA in Teaching. Close to graduation I accepted the Spanish position in Moberly.

   I started the fall of 2011 at Moberly High School and I have loved every year. Since then we have had three more children for a total of 6 kids (5 girls and 1 boy). We enjoy being members of the community and we love going to see our daughters in the elementary schools and the great things they do at that level. Being a Spartan is a great thing and I am so grateful I am a part of it.