Last updated: April 7, 2017
When can campaigning begin?  Campaigning can begin any time.  It is the same as in provincial or Federal elections.  There is no restriction in the Act on this.

Who is running?  Candidates cannot submit their Nomination Papers until the election is Declared on April 22. Candidates are encouraged to think about nomination soon because the required CPIC check can sometimes take weeks for the RCMP to complete if they are busy.  Nomination Papers should be submitted early in the process so that if there is a problem, there may be a chance to make corrections.  Don’t wait until the last day.

Who can vote? Any Saskatchewan Metis person who signs the declaration on the registration form and shows approved ID with name and current address.

How do you register to vote? When you come to vote, you will be registered. Then you must show the proper ID to our poll officials before you will be given the ballots.  But remember, you can only vote in the Region where you live. Visit the Voter Information page for more info...