For the fourth consecutive year, Queens-based performance company Mare Nostrum Elements (MNE) and LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (LPAC) are proud to present the Emerging Choreographer Series 2017 (ECS#4). 

The Emerging Choreographer Series (ECS) is a 360-degree platform providing new or aspiring choreographers with tools, means and support to create, develop and premiere a new finished work. The program is co-presented by LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (LPAC) and provides 4 different elements: a space grant, mentorship, feedback and performance venue. The ECS also provides a modest stipend to remunerate dancers and cover production expenses such as costumes, props and reimbursements.

ECS Promotional Video

“It has been a constant positive reinforcement and challenge that from the bottom of my heart I am really grateful for. You have two persons who are extremely different in the way they are approaching the work, but at the same time make the best combination.”
Caroline Brethenoux - ECS 2013 participant, ECS 2015 returning choreographer

"The program exceeded all expectations and created a non-stressful, non-judgmental, 'anything is possible' space to work in - such a luxury. I am very thankful."

Jacqueline Dugal - ECS 2016 participant


“The Emerging Choreographer Series developed organically after teaching our method The Wave Within for several years. More and more we would witness participants use material they had created in class to start a new piece, or use the tools they learned to better share their ideas with dancers. At a certain point we realized that the method was naturally serving as a choreographic vehicle. At the same time we realized how difficult it is to provide adequate funds and studio space to properly nurture a choreographic process.  

Mare Nostrum Elements was created with the scope of being more sensitive to artists’ voices and needs thus it felt natural to address some attention to choreographers that nowadays must simultaneously navigate the artistic, the administrative and production aspects of a new work Choreographers are facing less financial and practical support and greater demand of for productivity and organization. As artists and producers, it felt that we had to do something. We had the passion, the tools and the moral responsibility towards the new generations of dance makers." * [Read full article]

We decided to create a supportive environment and a mentoring method that would offer all-encompassing insight into how to produce a NYC-venue-ready piece.

Our goal is to create responsible, business-ready choreographers with hands-on experience in best practices. Our hope is that all participants will walk away from the experience not only with a new, concise and strong piece but also with knowledge of how to promote, talk and write about their work, better schedule and manage dancers, and better deal with tech and production matters.

In our commitment to the creative process, we strive to remunerate choreographers and dancers because we believe it is only fair to acknowledge, financially, the hard work that goes into making a new piece.

Nicola Iervasi and Kevin Albert - Program directors

* Excerpt from "Bringing Self Made Art to the Stage" by Natasha Lardera; i-Italy -

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