MT Common Core Math Workshops

MNCESR offers Mathematics Montana Common Core Standards (MCCS) three-hour roll-outs as well as Level II sessions about strategies for implementing the MCCS into instruction.
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MCCS Getting ReadyNew for Summer 2014

Using Math Vocabulary to Increase Student Achievement:  An Online Course

Direct vocabulary instruction can increase student achievement around thirty percent.  Teachers can learn about the most effective methods of building vocabulary knowledge in their students.  They will be applying each technique to their own materials so it is taught during the school year.  This is very hands-on and will have immediate results in the classroom.  Teachers will be focused on the vocabulary necessary to achieve the Montana Common Core (Montana College and Career) Standards.  The online course objectives are: (1) Teachers will develop a better understanding of the MCCS math vocabulary.  (2)  Teachers will improve their vocabulary instruction. This course is suitable for K-12 math teachers.

Beginning Math MCCS Implementation

Become more familiar with the Mathematics Montana Common Core Standards and how they will impact your instruction and the demands on students. Match your current text to the standards and learn how to look for gaps and redundancies in content as well as lack of depth. Then spend some time practicing effective teaching strategies to make adjustments, including lessons integrating IEFA. This is a half-day workshop.

Discovering the Joy of Statistics in the Middle or High School Math Classroom

Teaching the statistics standards can be a daunting task.  Teachers can take this opportunity to learn all about the statistics (stats) that students need to know between grades 6 and 11. They will discover interesting hands-on projects that are ready to be incorporated into their classes.  They will read and understand the standards using curriculum breakouts (documents that explain what student practices should look like—what they should learn, understand, and be able to do) and develop a solid understanding of the stats they are expected to teach their students.  The objectives are: (1) Teachers will develop a better understanding of the MCCS Statistics Domain Standards. (2) Teachers will enhance their knowledge of statistics.  There are half-day, full-day, and two-day sessions of this workshop.  Teachers of math in grades 6-12 should take this workshop.

Activating the Montana Math Common Core Standards

There are many tools readily available to help teachers implement the Common Core Math Standards.  Teachers will have the chance to look at the learning progressions within the MCCS, determine their grade level’s expectations, view sample assessments, find rich content online, and modify their existing materials to match the new MCCS expectations.  They will walk away with a better understanding of how to align instruction using the math practices.  The objectives are:  (1) Teachers will become more proficient at using the internet to find relevant resources.  (2) Teachers will develop a better understanding of the expectations of the MCCS. There are half-day, full-day, and two-day sessions of this workshop.  This course is appropriate for K-12 math teachers. 

Transforming Your School’s Math Program (Elementary or Secondary)

It is difficult to consider all the variables in transitioning a math program from its current state to where it will need to be to meet the Common Core Math Standards.  Participants (administrators and teachers) will be given the chance to evaluate their current content, instructional effectiveness, assessment, and overall school atmosphere.  They will create the start of a plan to get their school from where it is to where they want it to be.  Participants will make plans to carry on their work in-house using PLC’s as a tool.  (Elementary and Secondary workshops are distinctly focused on the unique challenges of each level.)  The objectives are:  (1) Participants will create a plan for transitioning their current math program.  (2) Participants will evaluate their existing program and compare it to best practices. There are half-day and full-day sessions of this workshop.  K-12 math teachers and administrators should take the session appropriate for their grade levels.

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