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Technology Training

Visit trainers Holly Olszewski and Sarah Zook at Great Falls College MSU's MIET Summer Institute June 16-20, 2014
  • Common Core Curriculum - Useful Tech Tools for ELA and Math
  • ELA Tech Standards - Secondary
  • SBAC and Tech Tools to Succeed
  • Research Skills and Tech Tools
  • Using Tech for Better Feedback
  • Tech Tools for Vocabulary Building
  • GeoGebra - Incorporating Into Your Curriculum
  • Common Core Math Practices w/Technology
  • Curriculum Mapping Year 2+--What now?
  • Using YOUR tech (TI's & Excel) to teach the Stats in All Math 6-12

*These workshops are also available at your school or region's site. Contact Director to set up your date today!

Technology Cadre Trainings!
All Cadre Trainings take place at the 3D International Restaurant in Great Falls, MT
$25/person lunch included
Email the director (gayegenereux@yahoo.com) to reserve your spot now!

If you have questions about integrating technology into your classrooms, contact the Director to
set up a training.

Possible topics include:
  • Devices in the classroom
  • Document cameras
  • Interactive Whiteboards (SMART Boards, InterWrite, Promethean, etc.)
  • Student Response Systems (aka clickers)
  • Web page building
  • Video and video editing

If you have a topic that is not listed, contact us anyway!