All workbooks and copybooks should be covered by Friday, September 22nd.  

Scholastic Books Orders are due Thursday, September 21st.  The following link will take you directly to our class page:  

A Message for Parents (9/18): I will be sending out an email this week with information about the AR Tracking Sheet in your child's iPod.  I'll also address the Reading Response Log and individual reading ranges.  Please be on the lookout for this!  

A Message for Parents (9/12): I am going to be utilizing a parent/teacher texting app this year called Remind.   I will address the specifics of this at Back to School Night, but I'd like to get a jump start on setting up my classroom contact list.  To receive text notifications from me throughout the school year, simply text the code @fg9e4f to 81010.  A welcome response will come through via a separate text immediately after sending this initial one.  That number will be the one that is used for all of my text notifications throughout the school year, so feel free to save it in your phone's not my real cell phone number:)  This type of communication is one way.  It is not an open forum, you are not able to text a reply, you can not see who else is included in the text, and all phone numbers are kept private.  You can still reach me via email at anytime, and I will be using my email/class website to communicate with you often; however, there will be times when I need to send out an announcement or reminder quickly (ex: change of homework, Dress Down Day, etc.).  When this happens, I'll use the Remind App.  Thank you for taking the time to sign up!      

Supply List for the 2017 - 2018 School Year:

The supply list below is in addition to the supplies you previously purchased from school. 

 These things must be sent in with your child on the first day of school.

1.)  12 Count Colored Pencils

2.) 24 Count Crayons

3.) 12 Count Thin Markers

4.)  4 Large Glue Sticks

5.)  24 Pack of #2 Pencils

6.)  2 Highlighters (2 different colors)

7.)  4 Expo Markers 

8.) 1 White Board Eraser (old sock would work too)

9.)  Old Shirt or Smock for Art Class

10.) Large Fabric Book Sock - We will hang these from the back of our desk chairs for storage....see sample below:)