Zutara - It was supposed to happen guys!

  • Katara and Zuko – known as "Zutara", fans known as "Zutarians" – The counterpart to Kataang and the other most popular ship. The ship's first real "moment" took place when Zuko tried to capture Katara. Also, when Azula attacked Iroh during the Conflict at Tu Zin, Katara offered to help Zuko heal his uncle's wound. Zuko and Katara later happened to both be imprisoned in the same catacomb; although at first Katara acted antagonistic to him, Zuko revealed he had also lost his mother to the Fire Nation, which caused her to grow sympathetic toward him, due to her being able to relate to the pain of losing a parent, and offered to heal his scar. When Zuko joined Team Avatar and helped Katara find the man who killed her mother, she was able to forgive and start trusting him. Soon after, they slowly became friends. When it was time for everyone to choose their own destiny, Zuko enlisted Katara's aid in facing Azula. During the Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai, they fought together against Azula, where Zuko actually saved Katara's life by jumping in the way of Azula's lighting bolt that was targeted for her. 
  • Zutara is incredibly sweet and should defiantly have gone canon. Its a Ying Yang relationship. Water balances Fire, they complete eachother. Zuko needs someone who can bring out his good side, even a girl who has only seen halfway through season 1 can see that. The best way to explain it to a Kataanger in my opinion is to compare it to Doctor Who. Zuko is like 9 in some ways. He's hurt and hardened from his experiences, 9 from the Time War and Zuko from his abusive father and crazy sister. He was only really loved by Iroh and Ursa as a child. His father made him fight him and then gave him a facial scar, a sign of shame. Katara is this bright light just like Rose. They came into there man's life and made them better. Zutara is good.
  • Zutara was also supposed to go canon, it only didnt because younger children started watching and wouldn't want a hero with a "bad guy". Even though Zuko did change.