Rumbelle For The Win

Rumbelle is the shipping of Belle and Rumplestiltskin. It is canon (Take that Firestone) and has a touch of sadness. If there are two things that Rumplestiltskin loves more then life itself, it's Baelfire, his son (See Baema) and Belle. Everyone knows the story of Beauty and the Beast. Well in this story, eveyone's favorite Dark One is the beast, and Belle is the girl he took from her family. Eventually, they fell in love. Belle took advice from Regina and kissed him, starting a process of making him human again. But he was foolish and sent her away reversing the process. In the new world Rumplestiltskin remembered her still and when she showed up in his shop, knew that he had to get her memory back. They were in an established relationship until she was shot by Hook, who had a personal grudge against Rumplestiltskin. Who is currently desperately trying to get her to remember. Chances are, this couple shall remain, forevermore. Canon.