Dictionary of Shipping

This is a dictionary of shipping for those who may not know all terms!

Ship: A romantical pairing of two people.

OTP: One True Pairing, Your ultimate, most absolute, needs to happen, pairing.

Mary-sue: an OC who is to perfect and has no flaws and is makes whatever charecter she wants fall in love with her.

Gary-Stu: also known as a Marty-Stu, a male equivalent of a Mary-sue.

OC: Other Character, a new character, usually for one self. 

OOC: Taking a character and changing there personality to fit your needs.

Canon: When the people actually get together:)

Fangirling: What Nicolive and I do when Austin and Ally have a moment:) Also what we do when there a Drose moment!

Lemon: Something never to read.

Lime: a Fluffy story 

Feels: an especially emotional moment. (I.E. Reichenbach Fall)