Brakayla <3 <3 <3

    Brakayla is the Romantic pairing of Brady Parker and Mikayla Makoola in Disney XD's TV show Pair of Kings. Through out the first two seasons Brady has repeatedly tried to win the affections of Mikayla, although his attempts usually fail in the 2nd season finale Mikayla has a dream where she nearly kisses him and in the last minutes kisses him to break him from an evil spell. She runs off and later claims she did it for her country, although the viewers could tell she enjoyed it. In the third season opener Brady goes back to Chicago after hearing a part of a conversation between Mikayla and her friend Candace where he hears Candace say "Rumor is you wan't date king Brady because he is to immature and will never grow up as long as he's king of the island" give or take a few words. Brady left the island but will hopefully return in the fourth season, and bringing hopes of Brakayla with him.


Brakayla is meant to be!!!!!!!!! There are many authors out there ho ship Brakayla but by far one of the best is Yummy42 from Fanfiction, if your interested in reading her amazing stories heres the link!!!!