6th Grade Ancient Civilizations

Welcome to the Endeavor Middle School 6th grade social studies page.  Our students learn about ancient civilizations from Sumeria to Rome.  Visit us often so you can learn more about what our students are learning.

What Are We Up To This Unit?

Our 6th graders are in the midst of learning about Ancient Egypt and the Middle East. Over the course of this unit, students will be studying the following areas:
  • Geography in Egypt, Kush, and Canan - How does geography affect how and where people live?
  • Egyptian Pharaohs - C’mon, you can name at least one…..King Tut
  • Daily Life in Ancient Egypt - What does it really mean to “walk like an Egyptian?”
Our final chapter in this unit is Daily Life in Ancient Egypt where students will learn how social class affected daily life in ancient Egypt.

All images are courtesy of History Alive! The Ancient World, TCI 2011.

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