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Edible Schoolyard

A wonderful time was had by all at this year's
Edible Schoolyard Plant Sale and Celebration!  

School families and community members joined in the garden for live music, delicious food, raffle prizes, student-guided tours and student-led demonstrations, activities for kids, and more.

Proceeds from the event support classes at the Edible Schoolyard.

Photographs of this event courtesy and copyright of Nancy Rubin.

The mission of the Edible Schoolyard is to create and sustain an organic garden and landscape that is wholly integrated into the school's curriculum and lunch program. It involves the student in all aspects of farming the garden—along with preparing, serving and eating the food—as a means of awakening their senses and encouraging awareness and appreciation of the transformative values of nourishment, community, and stewardship of the land.


The following principles guide the design and conception of the Edible Schoolyard.

Food is an Academic Subject

A school garden, kitchen, and school lunch program are integral to the core mission of the school. Growing and preparing food as part of the academic day brings alive every subject, from reading and writing to science and art.

School Provides Lunch for Every Child

Good food is a right not a privilege. Providing every child, from kindergarten through high school, a wholesome, delicious meal every day brings them into a positive relationship with their health, their community, and their environment.

Schools Support Farms
School lunch programs buy seasonal, fresh food from local, sustainable farms and ranches, not only for health and education purposes but also to strengthen local food economies.

Children Learn by Doing
Hands-on education, by which the children themselves do the work in vegetable beds and on the cutting boards, awakens their senses and opens their minds, both to their core academic subject and to the world around them.

Beauty Is Language of Care
A beautifully prepared environment, where deliberate thought has gone into everything from the garden paths to the plates on the tables, communicates to children that we care about them.

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