Marty's iTour is run by the Martin Luther College Admissions Office student workers. It's primary audience is upper elementary school students who are on campus for a visit. It's goal is to familiarize students with various campus locations and characteristics.
iTour Steps:
  1. Post Form QR Codes in appropriate places around campus.
  2. Set up mailbox 950 with one clue envelope per team labeled with the animal/insect images.
  3. Recruit seven (or fewer, depending on size of group) iTour Guides. If possible, require iTour Guides to complete the tour themselves before serving in the role of Guide.
  4. Provide each iTour Guide with a packet containing 
    • Instructions
    • Seven Clue QR Codes, including one "Start" Clue QR Code for their team
  5. On the day of the tour, divide the students into groups. The ideal group size is maximum of seven so that each student gets a turn operating the iPad at one of the locations.
  6. While the groups are touring, open the seven Form Submission Spreadsheets (links on the right) and evaluate the team submissions to determine the number of correct responses submitted.
  7. Provide final results/prizes when all teams have completed the tour and returned to the starting point.
Mobile devices used need QR scanning app such as Scan for iOS.

Files for printing

All files are in the Marty's iTour folder on Google Drive.

Print and cut in half. Laminate, if desired.
  • Form QR Codes for posting in various locations - Small animal images on bottom

  • iTour Guide Clue QR Codes
    • Start - Labeled "Start" with first form password
      • Print 1 set
      • 1 animal for each iTour Guide
    • Remaining - Large animal images on top
      • Print 6 sets
      • Six remaining animals for each iTour Guide