New technologies offer endless opportunities for empowering individuals and communities through access to knowledge, means of expression, and coordinated action. Mobile and social technologies are penetrating every aspect of our life; personal, social and professional. Every day we witness new initiatives to leverage the potential of such technologies in education, government and civic society. Yet many of these initiatives fail, and those which succeed are often hard to replicate.

The ML4D initiative aims to engender a design-level discussion among practitioners in the field, in order to inform them of the challenges and potential solutions, and to facilitate rapid spread of critical design knowledge. 

Our main channel of activity is a series of workshops, supported by open on-line resources. These workshops will provide participants with the capacity to design their own solutions using mobile and social technologies. This will build on techniques we have developed over the past three years and on the course module 'Designing mobile learning activities', run by Dr Niall Winters at the LKL. 

These workshops are targeted at education, social action and development practitioners across the academic, commerical and NGO sectors. The typicial participants will be involved in the practical work of designing and developing a mobile application to support learning and/or training. The workshops have been designed for those at the beginner and intermediate levels.

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