About the High School


"For a Lifetime of Learning"

High School is the bridge that takes a young adolescent into the beginning of their adult life. Our program offers students an educational experience, through our Day or Residential Program, that fosters independence, and prepares them to be responsible and productive citizens. Day students can participate in our after school activities through the provision
of a late bus or a residential placement for the length of the activity.

Honors and traditional academic classes, career and technical education exploration, computer technology, self-advocacy training, Deaf Culture and Deaf Studies, driver education, and the visual, fine, and practical arts are all pieces of our students’ experiences. Interscholastic sports, enrichment and co-curricular activities, field trips, Robotics, and clubs are all a vital part of the program.

Specialized programming is available for students with multiple disabilities. All classes are taught by appropriately certified instructors who have special training in working with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students with
multiple disabilities. The High School program includes a partnership with The ARC of Mercer County and a transition component that prepares students for independent living.

Students have the choice of a College Preparatory Program, or a Career and Technical Program. Katzenbach has partnered with Mercer County Technical High School to offer the students a greater variety of career and technical education courses.

Counselors assist our students and families in creating educational and career plans. Related services include speech and language therapy, audiology services, and adaptive physical education. Substance abuse prevention is an integral part of the curriculum. Consultation with the Behavior Management Specialist is available to students and parents.

All classes and training programs comply with the Common Core Standards and are staffed by appropriately certified personnel. The Common Core is presented in ways appropriate for individual achievement levels through the development of the IEP. Students receive a state endorsed diploma by meeting the graduation requirements determined by the New Jersey Department of Education.

All Eleventh Grade students participate in state required assessments of student achievement through the PARCC or Dynamic Learning Maps.

Students who plan to attend a college such as Gallaudet University or the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) are required to take the American College Test (ACT) for admission. We provide additional reading and math activities and offer an ACT Prep Course to assist our students to prepare for the test.

Individualized scheduling allows students to take appropriate courses regardless of their assigned grade level placement. Students have the right to stay in school through age twenty-one, therefore, a wide variety of options are available for what may be more than four years in the high school.