GINsane Workshops

Workshop registration begins on Monday, September 23, 2013.
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Please note that workshop registration will close on Monday, September 30th.  

If you have not registered by this time, you will be assigned to a workshop based on availability.  

"We Are GINsane About...

GINsanity small group workshops (11:40-12:40) will be activity and simulation based workshops aimed at building depth of knowledge and experience related to the global issue of choice.  Each workshop will run 60 minutes and follow a similar format:
  1. TED Talk on topic to offer background and poignant statistics
  2. Relevant video or short article to build context
  3. Essential questions
  4. Simulation or activity
  5. Closing discussion on shared learning experience

GINsanity Passion to Action sessions (1:50-2:50) will work to examine the local connections and develop local collaborative solutions to each global issue.  Action plans will be developed in 60 minutes by the same workshop participants.  The action plans will use a unique model integrating:

  1. AtKisson's Pyramid Lite model
  2. SMART goals
  3. GRRIP implementation

The GINSanity Conference is proud to present student-led workshops and action planning sessions on the following topics:

POPULATION - An Ever Growing Issue
Overpopulation is a global issue that is at the root of many other problems impacting the world.  During this workshop students will explore, investigate, simulate and understand how overpopulation is effecting the environment around us, the economies of the world, and the different aspects of society.  

Want or Need?   Do we really put much thought into the products we are buying and consuming?  Are we truly evaluating whether or not they are a necessity to our day-to-day life?  Are we becoming Zombie Shoppers? 

OVERFISHING - A World Without Fish
When you're at McDonald's ordering a Filet-o-Fish or at a restaurant eating Fish & Chips, do you know where your fish is coming from or how it was caught?   Do the thousands of people eating the same thing at the same time as you understand or know?  This workshop will focus on the unsustainability of the current fishing practices in the world and educating the participants on the impacts the current state of fishing will have on all of us in the world.  

WATER CRISIS - What Do You Know About H20?
HOT.   SO HOT.   Trekking miles and miles across the blazing Sahara.  Fighting off militia and animals in the glaring sun.  Lugging 50 pounds back, retracing your the miles and miles you trekked from the morning.  All for some water.  This is what millions of people have to do everyday.  This workshop talks all about the water crisis that is impacting the people of Africa and what we can do to help end their suffering.

MEDIA INFLUENCE - Are You Buying This? 
Do you want to look 20 years younger?  Do you want to get a flat stomach in 4 days?  Do you want to feel like you are in the movie, instead of just watching it on some old tv?  This workshop investigates and educates students on the unrealistic representation made by media and the effects it is having on human consumption. 

INCOME INEQUALITY - Everyone's Health Is At Stake
The disparity exists all around us!  Everyday we look through the windows of the world and see the stark contrast between the Have's and the Have Not's.  The Rich and the Poor. The Developed and the Underdeveloped. This workshop takes students on a journey through this issue of income inequality, which is having an immense impact on our world.  

GREEN ENERGY - An Alternative Approach
As the population of the world grows and the demands on the electrical grids in the major cities of the world continue to be stressed to their max on a daily basis, the time has come for us to look into alternative means of providing energy to the world.  This workshop will educate students on the importance of energy conservation and using alternative means to power or world.  There will be simulations where students will use green energy kits to construct energy circuits using windmills, solar panels and fuel cells.  

DEFORESTATION - Where Have All The Trees Gone?  
Why are trees so important to us and the world?  Will it really be that bad if all the trees are gone one day? Why is it important for us to understand the vital importance of trees?  Why should we shift our focus to preservation?  Why is it extremely important that the people of the world are aware about the issue of deforestation? 

REFUGEES - Warriors of the Heart
As the flashes of gunfire lights up night, imagine the sound of thousands of feet stampeding from the danger caused by conflict.  Envision the fear and despair painted on the faces of these people, running from the fighting without a glimmer of knowledge as to where they are going.  Imagine the scene of a refugee camp where thousands and thousands of displaced people cling to the hope that one day they will return home.  That one day, they will regroup.  That one day they will find all of their family members still alive.  This workshop will educate students on the issue of conflict and the life of a refugee, and more importantly, what can be done 
to help.

Picture yourself living in home that has no electricity.  No water.  No food.  No roof.  No doors.  
Imagine scrounging for enough money to buy the smallest of scraps of food to cope with the hunger that has raged in your stomach for the past 2 weeks.  Imagine freezing in the night because there is no heat, and sweltering in the day because there are no fans.  Imagine this is your life, day in and day out - struggling to get the most basic of needs to survive.  Poverty is an issue that impacts billions of people in the world and this workshop intends to educate students on what can be done to aid those who need help the most. 

When was the last time you were outside, kicking a soccer ball or swinging on the swings?  When was the last time you said to yourself "I don't want to play this computer game anymore" and decided that playing outside was more fun?  This workshop will educate students on the cause and effect and the prevention of kids spending less time outside and more and more time inside, playing with technology.  

PEACE AND CONFLICT - Make Peace, Not War
We've all been in arguments before.  We've had spats with our parents, our friends, our siblings.  But what happens when those spats turn into bigger things?  What happens when words turn to actions, and actions cause harm and suffering?  This workshop aims to educate students on the causes of conflict and the avenues to peace, while simulating the need for negotiation. 

GENDER EQUITY - All People Are Created Equal
What is it like to be brought up as a woman in a country or culture where your rights and privileges are different from the men around you?  What is it like to be told you cannot vote?  or cannot drive?  or cannot leave the house? This workshop intends to draw attention to the issue of inequality in terms of rights and privileges for many women around the world.

CLIMATE CHANGE - It's Getting Hot Out There
As the population of the world grows, the consumption habits of the population reach new levels, and the demands on the energy, water and manufacturing systems of the world heighten, what impact is it having on the environment around us?  This workshop intends to educate students on the effects of global warming and what can be done to stop it.

UNIVERSAL EDUCATION - 1+1=2 All Around the World
Imagine not being able to go to school because there is no school near?  Imagine not being able to go to school because instead you are required to carry a gun for your country?  Imagine not being able to go to school, even though you live right next door to it, because you can't afford the tuition?  Education is a fundamental need for everyone, yet it is not provided to many people in the world for various reasons.  This workshop aims to bring light to the issue of education and what we can do to ensure everyone is able to access it.