Council of Faiths

The Milton Keynes Council of Faiths was established March 2006. It was set up to:
  • bring faith communities closer together; 
  • help and advise the people of Milton Keynes on the many issues that affect and impact our daily lives; 
  • interact with local statutory and other bodies so that their policies and practice are more aligned to the needs and requirements of all the people; 
  • become the conduit that empowers faith communities to take a greater role in the life and work of the city.

Who are we as an organisation?
  • The Council of Faiths is a non-statitory representative council of formally elected faith leaders from eight of the largest faith communities in Milton Keynes. These are Bahá’ís, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jains, Jews, Muslims and Sikhs. Our vision is for faith communities in Milton Keynes to live together in a climate of mutual trust, respect and co-operation with one another, and, with the wider community of the people of Milton Keynes and nationally.
Why does our organisation exist?
  • The Council of Faiths exists to formally represent faith communities in Milton Keynes and provide an established forum for matters of shared concern.

What does our organisation do?
  • The Council of Faiths seeks to promote community cohesion throughout the Borough’s faith communities, build capacity for the MK religious community to engage with formal decision making structures and initiate programmes that will further the well-being of faith communities in Milton Keynes.

Whom does our organisation serve?
  • The Council of Faiths serves wider faith communities of Milton Keynes as well as other organisations that require advice consultation or representation from a religious perspective