About the Librarian

Mrs. Shoemake
  Mrs. Shoemake has been the librarian at Webster since 2013.  Before she was a school librarian, Mrs. Shoemake was a teen and adult reference librarian at a large public library.  Mrs. Shoemake doesn't care what kind of library she works in as long as she gets to help people find books and information.
   Mrs. Shoemake has a B.A. in History from Missouri State University and a M.A. in Information Science and Learning Technology from the University of Missouri.  She is also a graduate of Marshfield High School.
    When she's not trying to find books for her friends at Webster, Mrs. Shoemake likes to hang out with her husband, Mr. Kyle, and their cat and dog.  
    You can email Mrs. Shoemake at chelsea.shoemake@mjays.us or reach by telephone at 417-859-2120, ext 3021.
Favorite chapter book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Favorite picture book: The Day the Crayons Quit