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Bullying Prevention

We are Safe
We are Respectful 
We are Responsible 

Bully Prevention Program
Stop, Walk, Talk

As school counselors we are constantly working to help our kids grow not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well.  Throughout the school year during guidance lessons, the students will be learning about STOP WALK TALK.  Our hope is that through this program, our kids will learn to become more assertive and speak up for themselves when others demonstrate problem behavior.

Here's how the program works.  If a student is being bothered by another student, the student being bothered needs to hold his/her hand up and say firmly, "STOP."  If the behavior continues, the student will WALK (move away, change places in line, turn their back, change seats).  If the behavior still continues the student will TALK to a teacher.  

If a student has someone tell them to STOP or WALKs away, their job is to stop, take three deep breaths and go on about their day. They are to be respectful and responsible.

In addition, bystanders, who see a student not being safe, respectful, or responsible to another student, are responsible to use the STOP WALK TALK strategy.

As always, anytime a student feels that they or anyone one else is in danger, they need to skip the STOP and TALK steps and immediately talk to an adult.

 The thinking behind this strategy is that many times students may tease inappropriately to get others attention.  Having students be assertive and verbalize that they want the behavior to stop and if necessary walking away, not only gives the student being bothered a sense of power in the situation, but also takes away any attention that the misbehaving student may be getting from others.