What is Pulse?

Pulse is an information warehouse tool which works alongside SISK12. Pulse takes selected information from SISK, combines and transforms the data from multiple databases into information which is more easily accessible. To access Pulse, follow these steps:

  • Open your browser of choice. If using the district network, type into the URL bar. If using out-of-district network, use
    • NOTE: If you are out of district using the 204 code, you will need to use a different browser than Chrome. If you attempt to use Chrome it will not load properly due to the browser looking for, and not finding, a certificate.
  • To access the current school year data you will need to make sure the Database says “MARSHFIELDPULSE” in the dropdown box. This is the default, but sometimes it gets changed.
  • Enter your SISK12 username and password as your Pulse username and password
  • Once logged in you will land on either Teacher Home Page or School Home Page.
  • Information is refreshed nightly. If you enter grades in at 9:00 AM, then the changes will not be noticed on Pulse until the following day.
  • Data shown prior to the first day of school represents last year's data.
Of what benefit is Pulse?

Pulse allows the user to access data from SISK12 in multiple ways. Most tables shown provide information for all students on the teacher's roster.

Sample items available for teachers include the following:
    • Grade distribution by term
    • Teacher current grades
    • Teacher GLE data for current students
    • MAP Comprehensive Student Profile

For sponsors of extracurricular activities Pulse allows the sponsor to track current gradebook grades of their participants as well as attendance, discipline, and MAP results.