In an effort to maintain quality programs within the Marshfield R-1 School District, the district has put together a curriculum cycle which addresses the primary years in which a department will undergo formal curriculum reviews, complete program evaluations, and monitor the implemented curriculum. The curriculum cycle shown below addresses the implementation of new curriculum resulting in the passage of HB1490 in July 2014. This document will undergo revisions on a regular basis as new content areas undergo curriculum revisions or updates at the state level.

While the chart does document the years in which different content areas will undergo curriculum reviews, please keep in mind these are the "formal" curriculum review years. Curriculum within the district is considered to be a fluid, living document which should always be analyzed through teacher reflection in order to determine what changes need to be made within learner activities and instructional method to further extend student knowledge. Areas of focus for the current school year have been indicated by using a gray cell background.