Resources for new teachers and faculty members of the Marshfield R-1 School District

Primary Duties & Goals of the Department of Curriculum & Assessment

  1. Oversee and assist in the creation and implementation of the district curriculum.

  2. Serve as resource for instruction and in implementation of curriculum.

  3. Assure alignment of written, taught and assessed curriculum to the appropriate and adopted standards, both state and national.

  4. Oversee maintenance of and assist teachers in the use of SISPulse.

  5. Serve as primary contact in the area of Data and Accountability for the district, including analyzing district MSIP-5 and APR data as well as district MAP data.

  6. Serve as District Test Coordinator and as contact for state and select local assessments.

  7. Serve as a contact person for curriculum and assessment related professional development.

  8. Serves as district representative and contact person for ACT, RCET, and SMCAA.

  9. Upload and maintain Core Data documents and files

Curriculum Expectations of Classroom Teachers

  1. Follow the general overview of units and objectives as provided by the written curriculum.

  2. Deliver content in a meaningful way, adjusting as needed to help each student achieve mastery of content.

  3. Follow all assessment policies as outlined in the District Assessment Plan.

  4. Ask questions

          …and last but definitely not least…

  1. Have fun and share your enthusiasm for learning and for your content area with your students and fellow staff members.