On April 19, 2016, the State Board of Education approved the updated Missouri Learning Standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The standards were based off of work groups of Missouri parents and educators. The revised standards were developed by Missourians for Missouri students.The expectations within are challenging, yet attainable, for students. The standards further define the state's high expectations for what children know and be able to do in each course and grade level, helping ensure they graduate prepared for college, career, and life. These revised standards may be viewed by selecting the appropriate link below. 

The revised Missouri Learning Standards will be presented to the Marshfield R-1 School Board for review as an informational item at the May 2016 board meeting with adoption of the standards to take place in June 2016. There is no state law mandating school districts to adopt these standards. In fact, school districts may adopt any standards they desire to align their curriculum. Should a district adopt a different set of standards, then the district must show alignment between the adopted standards and the Missouri Learning Standards. It will be the recommendation of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment to adopt these standards with the understanding that Missouri History will continue to be taught in the fourth grade.

Adoption of the Missouri Learning Standards does not dictate a state mandated curriculum. Curriculum will continue to fall under the local control of the Marshfield R-1 School District. Adoption of the standards serves solely as a way of stating these are the expectations of what we believe are students should be able to do at the end of a particular grade level. How the district ensures this mastery in terms of teaching strategies, assessments, and learning activities is still up to the district to decide.


Missouri Learning Standards Adopted April 2016
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Missouri Learning Standards
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