Babbage Cabbage: Empathetic Biological Media

 (Image taken from CHI 2008 submission "Babbage Cabbage: Empathetic Biological Media")
This is the blog site of the babbage cabbage Final year Project by Chua Tong Wei. Any suggestions are welcomed and the email can be found at the bottom of the page.
Babbage Cabbage is a new form of empathetic living media used to communicate social or ecological information in the form of a living slow media feedback display. It is with the aid of sophisticated programme, an input of information will be channeled to display results shown with the output media, which is basically the various colour change on the living red cabbage.

It is a two-pronged approach where firstly, it is through the ambient living media that elicits human emotions and secondly, the use of living organisms to represent the significant portions of one's life adds semantics to the manifestation. Living things evoke feelings related to empathy and recognition of a common struggle in the world which is different from what can be evoked by artificial or digital imitations. Thus, by tying together digital media with the living world, we can develop media that evokes emotions including empathy and care regarding social and ecological information.

We hope to challenge the boundaries of technology and create new waves of innovation by using other living organisms as the subject. It is however most important to keep in mind to have an impedance match between the coupling of input and output of the media. (
Currently, we have a pH control system that enables us to enter in a desired pH value. The system will then mix solutions to obtain the desired pH; hence we are able to control the pH level of solutions given to the cabbage. This provides a good foundation for the project; however, there are still many things that needs to be done. As no real test has been conducted on a real living cabbage using the system, the challenge is to implement a complete and workable system. Major problems include the delivery method, large scale integration of present pH system which may require modification of present system. It is my aim to implement a complete babbage cabbage system at the end of the fyp.
Currently working on:
Delivery system (Sprinkler system)
Obtaining living cabbage sample