Chairpersons:  Laura Cervantes, Shannon Lam, and Brianna Mims

Members:  Jeremy Chan, Sebastian Ong-Osmond, Sanjay Raman

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Research Page

Homelessness Talking Points - AB 2591

Legislative Position for Homelessness

Mitty Advocacy Project

Archbishop Mitty High School

Here's the agenda so far, feel free to add to it or make changes. 

  • Cover "A Day in The Life" in specific detail.
  • Ask audience to make cardboard sign begging for money or help (If need be "I am...." handout to fill in the blanks for impoverished state or a story of someone in the state of homelessness--- more formal)
  • Play Allison McAndrews Urban Plunge Video - (still have to shoot this and ask her)
  • Cover specific legislation and how to go about talking to local and national legislators.
  • Legislative simulation. (how to address republican opposition) 

Research work to do:
--------------------- So far, the research we have done is solid, but we are looking for every opportunity to improve it
  • Call director of Sacred Heart for helpful numbers from agency.(Mr. Pancho Guvara)
  • Call Bill Wilson Center - waiting on info from Dina's neighbor for efficiency

See resources below so that we are on the same page for the legislative situation and current fact sheets

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