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Teaching Philosophy

My personal survey on science Curriculum and Technology:

   Over the course of my 36 year career in grades 7 through 12, my teaching developed in an embryological fashion. The teaching repertoire changed, grew, and expanded to adapt and embrace new content, environments, students, and technology. The positive attitude I possessed generated enthusiasm, curiosity, and wonderment as they became integral components. As an exemplary teacher, I understood my role in transmitting this attitude to students who attended my classes, workshops, lectures, club meetings, and laboratory experiments.

   Learning is facilitated by utilizing diverse approaches appealing to an array of learning styles and by asking probing, thought provoking questions. Science curricula should be approached with a "less is more" viewpoint even though an avalanche of pressure from high stakes testing looms overhead. Depth of knowledge is much more important than breadth.
   I endeavored to rouse their curiosity and to train, encouraged my students to ask meaningful questions about observations of their world and events. They completed observations which occurred during their experiment and projects.

   It is my desire to challenge students to step beyond their comfort zone and to reach toward their full potential. I have been asked many times by students. Why did I select science as my major at Fairmont State University and West Virginia University? I answer in two parts: (1) I have an innate desire to educate young people so they can be engaged in the process of learning about science and (2) personal learning is a ongoing dynamic process in which I can continually seek answers to questions about nature.

   Science and Technology

   Mitchell's Cosmic Adventure, science resource/teaching website was my idea to incorporate technology into my biology and physical science classrooms. I started using power point, excel, and internet with my lectures. a testing software company, with the help of Google and encouragement from my students generated my first science education website. Technology is a tremendous learning tool. It has allowed me to create new innovative approaches that add renewed sparks of interest.
   Science classes provide perfect settings for an intricate intertwining of technology and student learning that can capture the attention of a tech-savvy generation.  Through grants and wards I equipped my science classroom with desktop and laptops which in the 4th and final year of my career was a standard for all my classes.

   My basic philosophy of teaching science is to use hands-on activities. Technology aided in bring intriguing activities which kindle interest, ownership, and engage young minds to use a plethora of sensory stimuli from multimedia sources. As students prepare themselves to teach others, they more deeply internalize the concepts and are able to retain them much longer.
   I retired from my teaching position in Harrison County schools in June 2015 after 36 years of continual tutoring, teaching, and research. My plans are to continue expand my science website to help young people around the world to learn science and boldly go where your dreams take you.