Mitchell's Cosmic Adventure.com is part of the intuitive to bring the 21st century Science education into West Virginia and classrooms around the world.

   The website was started by John Mitchell, Jr., Lincoln High School Science Department Chairman and science classroom instructor, in early 2009 as an experiment to save paper and bring new ideas into the classroom that cannot exist with traditional methods of instruction. You can read about John's teaching philosophy under the tab "Site files".

Incidentally, the website is compliant with the  W.V.D.E. Content Standards and Objectives.

   You can check out each class, take tests and quizzes, conduct laboratory experiments, study terminology, vocabulary flashcards, watch PowerPoint lectures, earn bonus points, play games relative to your class subject, watch science You Tube videos, find new research projects, explore the newest information about biology, chemistry, physical science and human anatomy, and much more!