2018 TMSCA State Qualifying Scores

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Here are the scores needed to qualify for the TMSCA State Championship Meet in San Antonio, TX. There will be 3 opportunities to qualify. Feb 17th, Feb 24th, and March 3rd.

Kenneth White Jr. High competes in the largest classification in the state, 6A. 

2017-2018 Practice Schedule and Dates.

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7:00-8:00 AM

UIL Math


Number Sense

UIL Math


Number Sense



4:00 - 5:30 PM











UIL Meets

October 21st – Trevino MS - La Joya

October 28th – BL Gray Jr. High - Sharyland

November 11th – Mission Jr. High – Mission

December 2nd – K. White Jr. High (We will not be competing, but we will need volunteers to help out)

January 13th – Alton Memorial Jr. High – Mission

January 20th – Valley View Jr. High - Valley View 

February 3rd – R. Cantu Jr. High – Mission

February 10th  – UIL District Meet. (Hosted by Mission Jr. High)



February 17th – TMSCA State Qualifier #1 – Alton Memorial Jr. High - Alton, TX

February 24th – TMSCA State Qualifier #2 – Kenneth White Jr. High – Mission, TX

March 4th – TMSCA Regional Meet – BL Gray Jr. High – Mission, TX

April 21st or 7th – TMSCA State Championship Meet. – San Antonio, TX



Rio Grande Valley Chapter Competition – UTRGV – February 9th

State Competition (If we win the Chapter Competition) - Hilton Austin Airport Hotel - March 23-24, 2018 - Austin, TX


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Calculator Applications Team finishes in 4th place in the 6A division at the 2017 TMSCA State Championship Meet.

6th Grade:
Melissa Salazar - 3rd Place
Jordan Hernandez - 12th Place
Adrian Heredia - 16th Place

7th Grade:
Alex Gonzalez - 4th Place
Bailey Hernandez - 20th Place

8th Grade:
Zhi Huang - 12th Place
Gabriel Rodriguez - 16th Place
Carlos Gerena - 17th Place

Pictured are the 4 students that made up the team score.
Carlos Gerena, Zhi Huang, Alex Gonzalez, and Gabriel Rodriguez

2017 TMSCA State Championship Meet Qualifiers

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There are a total of 34 students who have qualified for the TMSCA State Championship Meet for 2017

6th Grade: Melissa Salazar, Raul Martinez, Emmanuel Martinez, Luiz Cardenas, Adrian Heredia, Juan Flores, Jordan Hernandez, Nicholas Alonzo, Diego Hernandez, Hugo Mireles, Adrian Ayala, Dominick De Leon, Virginia Villalobos

7th Grade: Alex Gonzalez, Jorge Salinas, Bailey Hernandez, Eduardo Garza, Eric Elizondo, Alinah Hernandez, Amayrani Ortiz, Gabriel Cordova

8th Grade: Daniel Villalobos, Joshua Longoria, Ana Vasquez, Andres Cantu, Lisa Garza, Carlos Gerena, Gabriel Rodriguez, Zhi Huang, Aramando Villarreal, Katia Marquez, Diego Valdez, Hayley Garza, Genesis Ramirez

The following team awards were won at the TMSCA Regional Qualifier Meet

Top Calculators Team - 6A
Top Mathematics Team - 6A
2nd Place Number Sense Team - 6A

The TMSCA State Championship Meet will be on 4/22/2017 at UTSA.
The students who qualified will be leaving for the state meet on April 21st and will return late on April 23rd. 
We will be having a parent meeting after Spring Break to discuss the expectations and answer any questions you may have.

MathCounts team qualifies for the state competition.

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The MathCounts team finished in 2nd place at the regional competition held on 2/17/2017 at UTRGV. They have qualified for the state competition to be held on March 24th-25th in Austin, TX.

Competing as a team were:

8th grade: Zhi Huang, Lisa Garza, and Gabriel Rodriguez
7th grade: Alex Gonzalez.

Competing as individuals were:

6th grader: Adrian Ayala and Jordan Hernandez
7th grader: Eduardo Garza, Jorge Salinas, and Alinah Hernandez
8th grade: Carlos Gerena

The Calculators Team takes home the TOP TEAM Award!

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At the UIL invitational meet hosted by Mission Jr. High, the K. White Jr. High calculators team beat 25 other schools to earn the Top Calculators Team Trophy. Below are the calculators results for that meet.

Results from the 11/12/2016 UIL Meet at Mission Jr. High

Calculator Applications

 Zhi Huang (382), Gabriel Rodriguez (364), Alex Gonzalez (337), Lisa Garza (337)
Team Score = 1420
Top Calculators Team Score.


6th Grade:
Adrian Heredia - 1st Place
Melissa Salazar - 2nd Place
Diego Hernandez - 3rd Place
Adrian Ayala - 4th Place
Nicholas Alonzo - 5th Place
Juan Flores - 6th Place

7th Grade:
Alex Gonzalez - 1st Place
Eduardo Garza - 2nd Place
Jorge Salinas - 3rd Place
Eric Elizondo - 8th Place

8th Grade:
Zhi Huang - 1st Place
Gabriel Rodriguez - 2nd Place
Lisa Garza - 3rd Place
Carlos Gerena - 4th Place
Andres Cantu - 9th Place
Daniel Villalobos - 10th Place

3rd Place at State!

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The Calculator Applications team finished in 3rd place at the 
TMSCA State Championship Meet. 

Calculator Applications results from the 4/16/2016 TMSCA State Championship Meet in San Antonio, TX
3rd Place Calculators Applications Team in the 6A division, the biggest classification in Texas.

Team Score = 1357

David Medina (355), Alex Gonzalez (346), Isabella Ayala (328), Gabriel Rodriguez (328)
6th Grade:
Alex Gonzalez - 1st Place STATE CHAMP!
7th Grade:
Gabriel Rodriguez - 8th Place
Lisa Garza - 12th Place
Zhi Huang -13th Place
8th Grade:
David Medina - 4th Place
Isabella Ayala - 13th Place

*Students who finish in the top 20 earn a medal and students who finish in the top 10 earn a trophy. 

Pictured below are the 4 members who made up the team score. 

From left to right: Isabella Ayala, Alex Gonzalez, David Medina, and Gabriel Rodriguez

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