"Welcome to Mr. Green's class"
Dear Family,
    Your child will be bringing home a Math syllabus for 2017-2018. This syllabus contains course information and a timeline for both regular and Pre-Ap students. It also contains my classroom procedures for classwork, homework, and tests (including corrections). I am asking that you and your child sign the bottom portion of this form and return it (bottom section) to me by Friday (9-1). One of the requirements for my classroom is that your child complete his or her "Interactive Notebook" (resource tool) daily. Your child's Interactive Notebook should consist of daily objectives with notes, examples and ending with a reflection of their understanding pertaining to the concept taught. This year, we will not issue any textbooks. Instead your child will receive a workbook that he or she will only be able to work out of in class. If you see that your child is having difficulty with understanding any concept, please feel free to contact me at  It would be very beneficial for you to check your child's planner daily to see upcoming tests, projects, and homework. I am anticipating to this year being filled with Excitement, Learning, and Fun. 

My conference time is M-F 1:35-2:45pm 
Please contact the school at (817) 299-5940 to set up an appointment