Rams Info

Please check your e-mail you provided the school in Skyward on a regular basis for e-mails that teachers are sending about upcoming events, academics, etc.

Students are expected to write in their planners in each of their classes, each day.  If students have blank subject areas in their planners, they are not meeting expectation.  Students should also be showing you their planners during the week and asking you to sign it at least one time during the week.  
Behavior Signings
If students receive a behavior signing in their planner, parents will need to sign their name next to the signature to notify the teacher that the parent has read the signing.   If students return without a parent signature, they are required to sit out during recess, or participate in silent lunch.



Yikes! Time is running out... Please get those CAMP CARTER PACKETS turned in this week. This is going to be a lot of fun! 

We would love to have a lot of chaperones for camp. We will leave school on Wednesday, Oct. 4 and return Friday, Oct. 6. You'll have the whole weekend to recuperate from the fun.

Please remind your child to turn in all paper work and money to his/her First Period teacher. 

Also, you may want to consider paying for camp on line. It is much safer than sending a check or cash to school.