Scope & Sequence


 1st Semester

2nd Semester 

 1st Six Weeks  4th Six Weeks
Geography and the Five Elements of Social Studies
3A,B,C,D; 4A,D,E,F; Intro:
7A,B; 8, 14A, 21F 
6B, 16C, 17E, 19AB
 2nd Six Weeks  5th Six Weeks
Europe (continued)
9B, 10C, 11A, 12BC, 13B, 14B, 15ACF, 17C, 18D
Asia: India, China, Oceania, and World Religions 
6A,C; 7C; 9C,D; 11C; 12B; 16B; 18B; 20B,C

 3rd Six Weeks  6th Six Weeks
Southwest Asia and North Africa
2B, 8ABC, 10B, 11BD,
13C, 17ABD, 21E
Latin America
4B,C; 6B; 7B; 8B; 18A

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