Scope & Sequence

Green=ReadinessYellow=SupportingBlue=Process Skill  

 1st Semester

2nd Semester 

 1st Six Weeks  4th Six Weeks
Unit 1 Dimensional Analysis
Unit 2 Straight Line Motion
Unit 3 Trig and Vectors
Unit 4 Projectile Motion
Static Equilibrium
Unit 12 Simple Harmonic Motion
Unit 13 Waves and Sound
Unit 14 Light and Photoelectric Effect
Electric Fields, Potential, and Currents
Extra Magnetism Unit
 2nd Six Weeks  5th Six Weeks
Unit 15 Electric Circuits (6)
 3rd Six Weeks  6th Six Weeks
Unit 8 Work, Energy & Power
Unit 9 Impulse and Momentum
Unit 10 Thermodynamics
Unit 11 Atomic and Nuclear
Unit 16 Reflection (5)
Unit 17 Refraction

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