Scope & Sequence

Green=ReadinessYellow=SupportingBlue=Process Skill   

 1st Semester

2nd Semester 

 1st Six Weeks  4th Six Weeks
Lab Safety (4)   7.1A, 7.2A&C, 7.4A&B
Scientific Processes (5)   7.2A, B, C, D, E; 7.3A,C,D 
Matter (11)    7.6A, B, C; 7.7B
Force & Motion (8)   7.7A
Human Systems cont'd 7.13A
Classification (2)   7.11A  
Invertebrates (5)   7.12A
Vertebrates (11)   7.12A
 2nd Six Weeks  5th Six Weeks
Microcope & Cell Structure (6)   7.3B&C; 7.12C, D, E, & F
Plants (6)   7.3B&C; 7.5A; 7.7C; 7.12A; 7.13A&B
Genetics (13)   7.3B&C; 7.11C; 7.14A, B,& C
Ecosystems (18)   7.5A,B,C; 7.10A,B,&C; 7.11B
Conserving Resources (7)   7.1B; 7.5B

 3rd Six Weeks  6th Six Weeks
Human Systems (24)   7.3B; 7.6C; 7.7B; 7.12B&C; 7.13B Weathering & Erosion (12)   7.8B
Catastrophic Events (6)   7.8A
Water Shed (5)   7.8C
The Solar System (6)   7.9A&B

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