Scope & Sequence


 1st Semester

2nd Semester 

 1st Six Weeks  4th Six Weeks
Unit 1: Sequences and Series
Unit 2: Linear and Quadratic Equations
Unit 3: Functions and Graphs
Unit 9:Analytic Trigonometry
Unit 10: Trigonometric Graphing
TAKS Benchmark
Unit 11: Analytic Trigonometry
 2nd Six Weeks  5th Six Weeks
Unit 3: (cont.) 
Unit 4: Polynomial Functions
Unit 5: Exponential & Log Functions
Unit 11: (cont) 
Unit 12: Matrices
Unit 13: Vectors
Unit 14: Conic Sections
Unit 15: Parametric Equations
 3rd Six Weeks  6th Six Weeks
Unit 6: Fall Semester Project (Models)
Unit 7: Trigonometry
Unit 8: Additional Topics in Trigonometry
Unit 15: (cont)
Unit 16: Systems of Equations/Inequalities
Unit 17: Limits including Rational Functions