Scope & Sequence


 1st Semester

2nd Semester 

 1st Six Weeks  4th Six Weeks
Unit 1: Numbers and Their Value
Unit 2: Number Sense and Data
Unit 7: Adding & Subtracting Fractions and Decimals (Text Unit 9)
Unit 8: Measurement (Text Unit 5)
 2nd Six Weeks  5th Six Weeks
Unit 3: Problem Solving with Addition & Subtraction
Unit 4: Problem Solving with Multiplication & Division
Unit 9: Geometry (Text Unit 6)
Unit 10: Probability and Data
 3rd Six Weeks  6th Six Weeks
Unit 5: Number Relationships & Fractions (Text Unit 7)
Unit 6: Fractions and Decimal Relationships (Text Unit 8)
Looking Ahead to Sixth Grade
Numbers and Operations
Patterns and Data