MattsonMath Memories 2015-2016

Check out what we've been up to in math class this school year. 
Week 1: September 1-3

What an awesome week of school! The students have been well-behaved and interesting to get to know. On Tuesday, we has a super-fast schedule with less than 30 minutes per class after we spent a 2 hour homeroom getting settled and learning the ropes. During all of my Math classes, we took a tour of the room and I got to learn about each students's individuality in a Beginning of the Year survey. On Wednesday, we had a talking circle in each class so we could hear each other's ideas about how our classroom should work so we can all be successful. Some classes got started on the Four 4's challenge. On Thursday, all classes worked on the first day of a 5 day Inspirational Math series of tasks. 

Pretty cool, huh? Students used so many strategies to find expressions. They then got to write their expressions. I love the amount of thinking going on!