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How Do I Earn My Grade?

How Do I Earn My Grade in Math Class?

What is it?


Percent of grade

How do I make it up?

How is it graded?

Standards- Based Assessment

Tests, Quizzes, specific problems assessed on rubrics with 4 point scale.

As you can show what you’ve learned well.


After school, at lunch or in class.

4 point rubric from CCSS Rubrics

Daily Work  

Problems, investigation, in class activities, teamwork, bellwork, number talk participation

Do daily. Turn in every day.


After school, at lunch, or in class with a team.

Points per assignment. 4 point rubric.


missing work, late work, unfinished work, or if you want extra practice

After an absence, if you don’t do work during class time

0 %

At home at lunch, or in homeroom

graded as original assignment, or ungraded if extra work

This year 60% of your grade will be on what you prove you know. You will get multiple chances to show what you know. Your work will be scored on a rubric. These scores will be averaged for your final grade.

Your work everyday is important to your learning. Therefore, each day do your best and you will learn the most. Homework will only be missing work, unfinished assignments, and if you want to do extra to practice, I can provide that.

Each A day Friday, you will be given a print-out with your current grade, scores, and missing work. It is important for you to make up daily problems, and tests as soon as you can when you return from an absence.