Integers and Absolute Value 6th ADV

Integers and Absolute Value


Thinking above and beyond what was taught.


The student will:

  • Write and Interpret absolute value as a magnitude for a positive and negative quantity in a real-world situation (6.NS.C.7c) and distinguish comparisons of absolute value from statements about order in real world contexts. (6.NS.C.7d)

  • Apply properties of operations as strategies to add,  subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers. (7.NS.1d, 7.NS.2c)

  • Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving addition, subtraction, multiply, and divide of rational numbers. (7.NS.3)

  • Students will understand that adding integers is like adding the absolute value of one number in a positive or negative direction. (7.NS.1b)

  • Students will understand that subtraction is like adding the additive inverse, show the distance on a number line as absolute value, and apply these ideas in real world contexts. (7.NS.1c)


The student will

  • Use positive and negative numbers to represent quantities in a real world context explaining the meaning of zero in each situation. (6.NS.C.5)

  • Students will describe situations where opposite amounts combine to make zero. (7.NS.1a)

  • Recognize opposite signs of numbers as indicating locations on opposite sides of 0 on the number line. (6.NS.C.6a)

  • Find and position rational numbers, including integers, on a number line. (6.NS.C.6c)

  • Interpret statements of inequality as statements about relative position of two numbers on a number line diagram. (6.NS.C.7a)

  • `Know that rational numbers must have a non-zero divisor  (7.NS.2b)

  • Know rational numbers can be written as terminating or repeating decimals. (7.NS.2d)

  • Students will show a number and its opposite are additive inverses. (7.NS.1b)


With help, partial success of score 2.0 content and score 3.0 content.


Even with help, no success