Sara Mattson-Blume
6th-7th Grade Math Teacher 
Menominee Indian Middle School
Neopit, WI

715-756-2324 ext. 4045 

920-809-5105 (cell)

Students and parents are welcome to use any of the ways above to contact me. If I am busy with my family or classes, I will not answer, but get back to you as soon as I can. 
EMAIL and texts are welcome. 

My Schedule

7-7:30 Arrive at Menominee Indian Middle School
7:30-8:10 AM Meetings
8:13-8:30 Homeroom
8:33-9:18 1st Hour- 7th Grade Math
9:21-10:06 2nd Hour- 7th Grade Math
10:09-10:54  3rd Hour- 6th Grade Math
10:57-11:42 Prep
11:42-12:12 Lunch Recess Duty (Outside or Gym)
12:12-12:42 Lunch
12:45-1:30 6th Hour-6th Grade Math
1:33-2:18 7th Hour-6th Grade  Math
2:21- 3:06 8th Hour- 6th Advanced Math
3:09-3:15 Homeroom
3:30 I head home to be with my family, but usually work from there, so you can still contact me.
3:30-4:30 on Wednesdays- Staff Meetings

I believe:

  • that all students can be awesome at math.
  • that not all students need the same way to do the same task
  • that my student's needs must be met so they can learn
  • that everyone learns differently
  • that we are a community of learners
  • that a "behavior" problem or conflict should be resolved with me first, unless immediate safety is compromised
  • that failing leads to learning
  • that natural consequences and restoration are better than punishments
  • that I give respect so therefore receive respect
  • that the positive outweighs the negative
  • that technology should be integrated daily into our learning


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