The LiteraTours Project:

  • To map, or trace the steps, of the main characters as the story is told.
  • To detail information about the places, people, and cultures or traditions of theses destinations.

How To Create A LiteraTour Using Google My Maps:

  • Create a Google Drive project folder titled: LastName_BookName_Map
  • Open Google My Maps in Google Drive
  • Name your map with: LastName_BookName_Map
  • Provide a description of what your map details.
  • Click the blue SAVE button.
  • Click on the Share Icon below "All Changes Saved."
  • Change the Share Setting to: ANYONE WITH A LINK CAN VIEW
  • Click on UNTITLED LAYER and name it Placesclick Save. (Identify places in the book)
  • Click the ADD LAYER icon and add the specified layers prescribed for the book for which you are creating a LiteraTour.
  • Begin to add content to your map for EACH layer.
    • Click on a layer and add a Placemark with additional information about that item. Customize your placemark so that all items in that layer match.
    • Continue this process locating and placing pertinent information in each of the different layers.


How To Create A LiteraTour Using Google TourBuilder:

  • Sign into Tour Builder with your school Google account.
  • Name your tour: LastName_BookName_Map; put your name as author
  • Add an introductory photo that serve as the "front cover" for your tour.
  • Add a summary description of your tour
  • Begin to add your locations by searching them, then add descriptive information and click ADD TO TOUR
  • Zoom in, drop your "Person" icon to get "Street View", then click LOCK VIEW.
  • Change your placemark icon to reflect the different categories of information (photos/videos); TourBuilder doesn't show layers. Changing placemark icons to reflect the type of information added will serve in that capacity.
  • Once you have entered all information, click the DONE EDITING button in the top right corner.