92 - Letter of the Professor Hoy to Dean Kern in 1999
Letter of Recognition

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999

To: jiri.kern@vsb.cz

From: Frank Hoy <fhoy@mail.utep.edu>

Subject: Miroslav Pivoda    


Dear Professor Kern:


Professor Miroslav Pivoda     informs me that you did not receive my earlier e-mail supporting his candidacy for a position with the Technical University of Ostrava.  My apologies.  Please let me know if you get this message.  I shall also attempt to send it express mail.


Professor Pivoda and I have collaborated on research projects since 1992. With the backing of the United States Agency for International Development, we co-authored a case study of the Ecofluid Company, which was subsequently published in Managing in Emerging Market Economies: Cases from the Czech and Slovak Republics, edited by Daniel S. Fogel (Westview Press).  We presented two research papers that extended our original research at two separate Babson College/Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship Research Conferences.  These conferences are generally recognized as the premier international forums for entrepreneurship research.  Professor Pivoda and I have another paper at the Babson/Kauffman conference in May, this time investigating the  entrepreneurial evolution of the APP Group, a Prague-based information technology company.


In each of our projects, Professor Pivoda was responsible for obtaining cooperation from the firm's under investigation. This led to co-authorship by senior executives of the companies, an element that we believe added to both the accuracy and relevance of our research.  Professor Pivoda also did

the bulk of the preliminary data gathering.  We participated approximately equally in the writing of the manuscripts. 


I can attest to Professor Pivoda's strong work ethic, his familiarity with the entrepreneurship and business strategy literatures, his innovative conceptual skills, and his ability to work with others on research projects.  Professor Pivoda and I have conducted our collaborations face-to-face, including in one another's homes, in both the Czech Republic and the United States.  We have also been able to produce our work while separated by international boundaries, relying fax and e-mail.  It has been a pleasure working with him.


Please let me know what additional information you need for the selection committee.



Frank Hoy