How to join - FORMS

Required Elements:
1) Permission & Medical Form
2) Parent Orientation to Program
3) Article and Video on Attitude and Body Language
4) Handbook

1: In order for students to try-out for any sports team, they must have a signed parent permission-medical clearance form on file with Mrs. Sato. 
  • No students will be allowed to try-out without the entire form completed, including the child's physician's signature, and turned in to Mrs Sato prior to the try-out date. Exception: flag football & girls’ volleyball medical clearance physician's signature extension to no later than Sept 15, 2021 because it is the beginning of the school year. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Sato for any clarification or questions.

2:  The required "after-school sports parent orientation
  • The Central California Conference requires that all parents and coaches receive an orientation to our sports program in order for us to participate in conference tournaments. This orientation includes information about all sports - the try-out process, eligibility requirements, costs, uniforms, practices, and games. If you would like your 4th - 8th grader(s) to try out for after school sports you must attend one of these upcoming sessions:
Zoom orientation sessions
  • Monday, August 16 @ 7:00 pm 
  • Thursday, August 19 @ 7 pm
In-person orientation session 
  • Wednesday, August 18 @ 5:15 pm 

3:  This article and video recommended by Miramonte Athletic Director Mrs Sato for parents of students interested in athletics, students should watch the video. 

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