Eighth grade marks the culmination of a student's experience at Miramonte Christian School. Many of our eighth graders have attended the school since kindergarten or first grade. At the eighth grade level, we try to move beyond the foundational goals already established in previous grades. Our goal is to not only spend the year preparing students to be successful in high school, but to prepare our graduates to be successful LEADERS & ROLE MODELS.

We want our graduates to be prepared to not only be involved citizens and leaders here on earth, but also joyous citizens of God's eternal kingdom. Because of this, Mrs. Sato and Miss Melbourne try to spend as much time as possible in extending classroom learning to include opportunities for all eighth graders to practice their leadership skills and take further steps in their spiritual growth.

In addition to the eighth grade academic curriculum, we also spend time in helping students perfect their organizational and study skills as they transition to high school. Using Jesus as an example, servant leadership is emphasized and all eighth graders are given regular opportunities to demonstrate and practice this type of leadership.
Highlights of eighth grade include:
  • running for class office
  • serving on the yearbook staff
  • making woodworking projects
  • serving as buddies to the students in junior kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade
  • going on the junior high snow trip in February
  • playing after-school sports with other 5th-8th graders
  • playing the leading roles in the school-wide Christmas musical
  • raising money for their class gift to the school
  • going on a week-long overnight trip to Catalina and other destinations in Southern California
  • graduation in June
  • opportunity to go on an East Coast trip with other 5th-8th grade students