Weekly Classroom Newsletter

Our classroom newsletter is called “5 minute Times .  One of the classroom behavior tools that Miss Paiva uses to get the students attention is to say "Give me Five" and the students are to stop what they are doing, turn towards the teacher and raise their hand in a 'High Five" pose. Instead of saying "Give me 5 minutes of your time to read the 5th grade newsletter", the weekly classroom Newsletter is titled "5 minute Times" with the hope that parents will take 5 minutes of their own time to read the weekly classroom Newsletter filled with important communications from the teacher to them.

A print copy of this newsletter will be sent home in your student's " Black Homework Folder" each Monday (or Tuesday if no school on Monday) and will include important dates and reminders, curriculum updates and the general goings-on in our classroom that week, pictures, and other content.


Current Student Families: Contact teacher by sending an email to ipaiva@miramonteschool.org 
requesting access link for newsletters on class web page.