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The Everlasting Love Contemporary Voodoo Figurine

The most famous Hoodoo & Voodoo sorcerers and witch doctors in the world — the twin brothers Angelo and Constanzo Mainyubalondemu — designed and sculpted five charming couples to be consecrated in a powerful magic spell

The magic spell which is casted over this figurine helps the querent to tie the knot forever with his/her significant other. 

This magic spell is extremely useful when the querent's significant other has been delaying his/her commitment or the wedding for long time. 

Usually, the querent's wedding takes place in 6-12 months after conjuring this magic spell.

The owners of The Everlasting Love Contemporary Voodoo Figurine use to experience the first sign of the desired outcome due to this magic spell over the talisman within 30 days.

You can be one of the 5 lucky and blessed MiracleOn6thStreet®querents who will live an everlasting love thanks to the amazing power of the High Hoodoo & Voodoo Witchcraft

The brothers Mainyubalondemu created this Voodoo Figurine which imitates a contemporary porcelain statuette in order to handle a discreet magical process.

This figurine made of polyresin is aproximately 7.5 inches (20cm) high. It depicts a just married couple in the morning after a great wedding party.

Please, take notice that the crafting of this magical item and its shipping may take from 10 to 30 days after payment, depending on your shipping address and your geographical region.

While you're waiting to receive your magical figurine at home, the brothers Mainyubalondemu will be casting the magic spells and rituals required to activate the Magick of this item after you got it.

The Mainyubalondemu sorcerers will provide you with detailed instructions to perform the appropriate rituals to activate the magical figurine and seal the magic spell.

The brothers Mainyubalondemu and their magical assistants will keep in touch with you all along the magical procedure, until you accomplish your goal.