"The Heart from Siquijor" Powerful Shamanic Talisman

posted Jul 8, 2014, 9:55 PM by Angel Yerbasanta   [ updated Aug 8, 2015, 8:59 PM ]
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Awake hidden passions and be a sex symbol thanks to this unique,  powerful shamanic talisman in the world!


The Heart from Siquijor

If you have ever wanted to be an irresistibly sensual person in the eyes of that special someone you're interested in or if you want to become a charismatic and magnetic personality capable of controlling both large or small groups of supporters like politicians and show business stars do, you must try the power of the MiracleOn6thStreet® powerful shamanic talisman "The Heart from Siquijor".

This MiracleOn6thStreet® talisman is made from the fiber of a magical aphrodisiac plant, solely grown up in Siquijor, the Philippine land of Sorcerers.

If properly ritualized and consecrated by initiated shamans, this mysterious plant irresistibly attracts people who are close to the owner of the talisman.

"The Heart from Siquijor" is made and consecrated following the most powerful Red Witchcraft rituals. The MiracleOn6thStreet® Red Witchcraft, also called Tantra Magick, bases its power on the strength of the querents' sexual energy.

Your MiracleOn6thStreet® shaman will cast magic spells in two magical levels (at physical and astral planes) to make and consecrate "The Heart from Siquijor". Querents participate in the magical rituals at distance, following some shaman's directions.

Querents use to get results from "The Heart from Siquijor" magical power few days after they start to wear it.