Oil Pastel Figuring Drawing


1. Get out a figurine and take multiple photos of it. Play around with putting your figure in different positions etc. 
    You may also want to use a spot light so you have a good light source in your photo.

2. Using your favorite photo, crop out part of it to get your final reference photo. 
    Remember to look at negative space, and also think about The Rule of Thirds. 

3. Draw out your figure from the reference photo onto a piece of neutral construction paper. 

4. Use oil pastels to add color to the figure. Use light, medium, and dark values of a similar color to get a wide range of value. 
    Oil Pastel Tips
        1. White is great to use to blend colors.
        2. Use multiple layers of oil pastel.
        3. Baby Oil can be applied ontop to smooth. 

5. Bonus- add something to the background.